Pricing Options

Premium Product Pricing Options Suite For Magento 2


How it Works

After you make a purchase, you will be provided with a full user guide for your installation reference

10+ Core Value

Do not waste your money to find other solutions for pricing options.
Many powerful features of Premium Product Pricing Options For Magento 2 will bring your site go further

Improve default quantity option

Improve quantity box default with more effect like: More display type (Range slider, Dropdown, Select box), Quantity breaks with advanced price (ex: discount), Discount type base on quantity breaks

Customize Online design fields

Some options use to design and printing: Sides/Pages, Number of Pages, Side list, Front/Back Sides, Color/Material, Size, Custom dimension, DPI, Area design shape, Orientation, Padding, Rounded corners.

Print Pricing Option

You can enable print pricing option in the backend for all products

Customize Printing fields

You can select options type which you want to setup for product

Appearance Single Option

6 appearance option are available (Dropdown, Radio button, Swatch, Label, Advanced Dropdown, Large label) to help you set up quickly

4 Types Of Configuration Display

We have 4 display types (Default, Price Matrix, Group, Step by Step) to help you set up in the backend

General Setting "Printing Options"

You can set 1 or more option for Printing Option

Saves a lot of time to get the final price

It saves a lot of time for your customers to get the final price

Flexible config

You can Hide the add to cart button only, Config summary block, Hide option swatch description and so on

Full responsive

Compatible with all screen and device such as: desktop, tablet and mobile