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Create design for any products

Allow your customers to create designs on any products and allow you enable the module as you want

Easy to add and customize text

Your customers can easily add text layers , customize text and the other customizations

Easy to add and customize art

"Add art" function allows your customers add art from clip art library and customize art layer.

Easy to add and customize image

Your customers can add the image on the design product from many source and customize them as you want.

Easy to use "Free Drawing" function

You use "free drawing" function on the design product to create images as you expect and you also customize "free drawing" as well.

Easy to use "Add QR code" function

You can enter QR code text and customize "QR code" layers as your expectation: "QR code" dimension, crop image,...

Powerful Layers

You can customize layers, layer position can be dragged to different positions; layer(s) can be deleted partly or entirely.

Powerful Alignment Tool

First, select a layer and then click on the tool to align this layer as: next, zoom in, zoom out, double layer, and so on.

Preview Design functions

Preview the product design to ensure a design with functions as zoom in, zoom out and "Preview Design" pop-up.

Colors Management in the Backend

Customers only customize the product design with color which provided by the store owner in the back-end.

Fonts Management in the Backend

Your customers can change fonts style in the Frontend if these fonts are available in the Backend.

Arts Management in the Backend

The store owner can add the unlimited arts and manage them in the Backend then customers select arts from there

Design Product Management

The Store Owner can enable "Online Design" for any products and they can also customize them as well in the back-end

Orders Management in the Backend

The Orders of products that included design will be managed separately right in the backend.

Fully Responsive

Your customers can design on any device as desktop, tablet, and mobile because this module is fully responsive.

On/Off function in Main Design Menu

The store owner can turn on/off function as add text, add art, add an image, free drawing and add QR Code

Setting thumbnail of Design Image

The store owner can configure some parameter for the design thumbnail images in the Backend.

Setting "upload image" size

Select the maximum and minimum image dimensions that customers upload for each product

Allow designing on Smartphone

The store owner can allow their customers display/hide "Online Design" function on the Smartphone right in the Backend.

Provide the shop owner email

The shop owner will enter the contact email right in the Backend and it will display right in "My Product Design" tab of the account page.

Customer's Designs Management

All customer's designs will be managed in the customer account and they will receive the approvement or reject information here.

Easy for customers to re-design

If your design is rejected, please go to your account to re-design. You can design until approving.

The powerful helpdesk

The customer can easily understand and use all tools with the powerful helpdesk.

Design Template Management

All design templates will be created in the Backend and your customers can view their design templates in the Frontend.