Max Mega Menu - WordPress Mega Menu plugin

Max Mega Menu automatically converts your current menu into a large menu. Max Mega Menu is a perfect management plugin to control your current menu and turn it into a friendly, accessible and touch menu with just a few clicks.

Liven up the experience for your customer by visually icon and image.

This is a perfect way to improve the user experience. It conveys information in a more seamless way to users. Plus, when someone just wants to quickly jump to a section or sub-menu, the images work like shortcuts getting them there fast.

The effective organization make an impression to your customer

Mega menu allows for more effective organization and grouping and supports visual emphasis on relationships between parts. Bring your site to become exclusive

The Mega menu has many functions and styles

The Mega menu tends to have more functions, although the complexity increases. Users can find what they are looking for faster, especially including image elements or images.

Responsive & Touch Friendly

Bringing your customer a fulfilling experience when access your eCommerce site no matter what devices they use. This extension can help you to boost your income by no wasting any customer's access from other devices.