Printing website theme for Magento 2

Printshop Core Value

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Ajax Search Module

The module allows your customers to find the product by writing a keyword in the search box.

Responsive Theme

All layouts will be fitted on any different devices such as the desktop, mobile phone, and tablet.

Slider Revolution

It is an innovative extension that displays your content in a wonderful way.

Category Icon

This is an amazing module that helps you select icon image for each category as you expect.

New Products

Products which have recently created in the selected category will be displayed on New Product module.

Product Best Seller

Products which people want to purchase a lot in the homepage will be displayed in Product Best Seller module.

Hot Deal Products

Allowing admin to display the countdown of sales or promotions program in real time, or build anticipation for upcoming events.

Featured Products

Products which you have marked as a Featured item, will be displayed on the Featured Products panel.

Ajax Cart Pro Module

Ajax Cart Pro Extension for Magento 2 helps customers add, edit or remove products from Ajax pop-up easier.

Powerful Magento 2 Core Theme

It will help admin set the header, the footer and the homepage body without having code knowledge.

Mega Menu Module

It allows both users and admin to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly and optimize your site navigation performance.

Quick View Module

It is an effective solution which customers can view product details quickly without leaving the catalog navigation page.

Shop By Brand Module

Admin can create a custom brand page that displays a list of brands for customers to purchase product quickly.

One Step Checkout Module

It is an excellent solutiton to reduce your customer abandonment and increase conversions.

Blog Module

It helps your customers get the latest news about your business via beautiful images, useful information, and unique posts.

FAQ Module

It helps customers understand clearly about products as well as services based on a list of questions and answers.

Store Locator Module

It helps you show your stores on one single map and your customers can quickly find the nearest store location.

Layered Navigation Module

This module narrows product arrangement as the searching function by filtering products with multiple attributes.

CMS Static Block

You can create content for the category, allow admin to show items and promotions instead of displaying products.

Product Slider

You can display many products in the hot deal, bestseller, new products, and featured products.

Product Hovering Function

When a customer hovers a mouse on the product, they will see functions such as quick view, add to cart, add to wishlist.

Multi Google Fonts

We support multiple fonts in the admin panel which you can select the favorite one as you wish.


You can set up currencies for your store to suitable for your customers around the world.


You can set up language to suitable for your customers to make more sales volume.

Unlimited Custom Color

Easy to set up element color to suit your theme such as background header, hover over text, and so on.

Easy To Custom

Customers always worry about the way to replace images to make their site better. With this theme, it is so fast and easy to change images, products, and logo.

SEO Friendly

This theme is built with the best SEO to help you increase sales volume. With Yoast or All in one SEO plugin, we believe your rank increase significantly.

Product Configuration

You can easily configure products as you wish to enhance customer experience...

Sales & Marketing Feature

It includes Standard and Advanced features. Reducing Sales and Marketing cost up to 30%.


Compare to other solutions, you save thousands of dollars when buy Printshop.


Customers can get a perfect ordering process easily with only 3 steps.


You have a printing website within 30 minutes


Our support team is always available to addapt your customization if you need.


More Home layout, product page detail, header and footer...and more coming.


All functions and extensions in Magento will make you and your customers satisfy with your business.

Add Text and 200+typograply

With using "add text" function, your customers can easily add text layers and customize text as: content, choose fonts ( Google fonts or custom fonts), text format, text alignment, text colors and the other customizations.

Variety Sample Images

Your customers can add the images on the design product from many sources such as the local computer, Facebook, Instagram, Webcam & image URL. Especially, you also can customize the image layers as image dimension, proportion, opacity, shadow, image filter, rotate, crop image and shape image.

Save For Later

If the customer does not want to order current designs, they can save them into their account and start for the next time. They also can use their stored designs for other products.

Various Elements

There are 400+ shapes and 25,000+ icons available which help you to express your feeling in the best way. You can search your favorite elements by name.

Variety Clipart

Add clip art function allows your customers to add art from clip art library and customize art layer as art dimension, colors of each art element and rotate & opacity.

Export design to JPG high revolution, CMYK mode and ICC profile

JPG with high revolution and CMYK mode are the best choice for print in most of the case. And you can create PDF files with them.

New Visual layout for all proucts

Customer have more choices for their product, design online on the product detail page and Admin can set it for all products.

Powerful Help Tool

More tools are included in this extension as next, previous, align, zoom,… All buttons are arranged clearly to be convenient for customers when they want to use it.

Edit design in Cart page and Checkout page

Customers can easily edit their designs in Cart page and Checkout page before making a purchase.

Flexible config

You can set size upload, preview thumbnail size, thumbnail quantity, show customer design in the cart, show customer design in order, admin notifications, and so on.

Cart, Order, Checkout Page

Show the thumbnail of the customized product in the cart, order, checkout page.

Customer's Designs Management

All customers' designs will be managed in the customer account and they will receive the approval or reject information here.

Qr code -Vcard

Easily scan the QR code, you can get all the information by scanning the QR code by your mobile.

Upload Design File

If you have your available unique design, you can upload it on our products to visualize how it is.

Free Hand Drawing

You use "free drawing" function on the design to create Image as you expect

Easy Manage Orders

Admin can see the design in detail, accept/ decline design, and send email feedback to customers.

100% Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Customers can design on any devices such as desktop, tablet or mobile.

Inport/Export Design

Import or Export files directly from your source easier than ever.

Powerful Layers

Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers stack.

Social Sharing

Share your design via social channels such as Facebook, twitter, Google+

Create PDF

Quickly create a PDF file from a design file.

Allow Download A Design

Admin can allow the customer to download their designs.


There are many hotkeys which helps customers work faster.

Download Design In SVG

You can download your customer's design file to SVG.

Used as a custom Magento product field

Used as a custom Magento product field, so you can allow which products are uploaded or not.

Display Upload files in the order detail page

Admin can allow their customers see the uploaded file in the order page or not in the admin panel.

Display uploaded files on the view cart page

After adding products to cart and if this products have upload files, you can see it in view cart pages.

Display uploaded files in the confirmed order email

Display files in the Magento order confirmation email sent to clients/ admin.

Support with all products

It is work well with all products of Magento such as: simple, configurable, downloadable, bundle, grouped and virtual products.

Multiple File Types Supported

Shoppers can upload almost any file types like jpg, jpeg, png, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx….Admin can configure which file types are allowed to upload in admin panel.

Display uploaded files on the checkout page

Shopper can upload different files/ images into different products and add all into cart and check out the same times. Uploaded file will display on the shopping cart page at client account.

Upload files directly on the product details page

Shoppers can bind images or upload files directly into each product on the product details page when they place an order for this product.

Interaction with uploaded files

You can add comments for each upload file and delete or download this file before ordering.

Upload files at the same time

Allow to select multiple files at the same time. And most of them are uploaded quickly at once.

Setting max file size

You can configure in back-end to limit size for each file to upload as you want.

Support Multi stores

It can addapt to all stores so you can free your mind to set it up.

4 Types Of Configuration Display

There are 4 types of configuration display as: deafault, price matrix, group, step by step to set up in backend.

Flexible config

You can Hide the add to cart button only, Config summary block, Hide option swatch description and so on.

Show In Archive Pages

Show attributes in category page in style color swatch or label. Customer is easy to view attributes of a product which don't need to click on the detail page.

Easy to use

Shoppers can easily use this product, it is very friendly with customers, and especially it is very simple to use.

Improve default quantity option

Improve quantity box default with more effect like: More display type (Range slider, Dropdown, Select box), Quantity breaks with advanced price (ex: discount), Discount type base on quantity breaks.

Appearance Single Option

6 appearance option are available (Dropdown, Radio button, Swatch, Label, Advanced Dropdown, Large label) to help you set up quickly.

Customize Online design fields

Some options use to design and printing: Sides/Pages, Number of Pages, Side list, Front/Back Sides, Color/Material, Size, Custom dimension, DPI, Area design shape, Orientation, Padding, Rounded corners.

Show In Designer Tool Pages

Show product details on the design page. It also works with the product attribute of the configurable product. Customer is easy to view attributes of a product which don't need to click on the detail page.

General Setting "Printing Options

You can set 1 or more option for Printing Option.

Print Pricing Option

You can enable print pricing option in the backend for all products.

Saves a lot of time to get the final price

It saves a lot of time for your customers to get the final price.

Customize Printing fields

You can select options type which you want to setup for product.

Product Reviews

Feedback and review system with an interactive star rating.

Easy to set up

This extension is very easy to set up and you do not need to waste your precious time.

Category management

Seller can have a quick view on the number of their orders status by order.


Working with All the Templates including Responsive Themes.


The source code is Open so can be easily customized. The seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text.

Commission management

Admin can set different commission for each seller, so the best seller will get the highest commission.

Manage in back-end

Back-end admin product assignment for a seller account. Seller / Vendor Enable or disable from an admin of the store.

Product Management

Product Preview for product approval at admin. Stock Availability check. Ajax checks for vendor/seller shop URL

Order management

Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the product.

Vendor management

Allow a seller to edit shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page. Admin can manage the Seller profile page setting.

Attractive Landing Page

A clean and modern marketplace landing page always attracts the attention, which increases the UI/UX and quality customer.

Payment support

The seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set the withdraw method from there.

15 + Multiple Pages

With 20+ pages in this theme, your customers will be impressed and stay on your site longer



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     Printshop Theme is awesome! It looks luxury and friendly-user. I am very impressed with how their team works with us. They also provide you with phone & email support. It helps our business become more convenient! Thank a lot!

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     It was really fun getting to know the team during the project. They were all helpful in answering my questions and made me feel completely at ease. Don't wait any longer to call up the team, you're only hurting yourself by postponing!

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This PSD is so well organised - the best Ive ever downloaded from here. The ideas are also really fresh and new great work. This PSD is so well organised - the best Ive ever downloaded from here. The ideas are also really fresh and new - great work.

Jonh Web Web Designer